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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in lndustrial Management KPT/JPS (PA 8940) 12/25

Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Management under Business and Accountancy is designed to give students’ academic and formidable qualification that can open many doors.Industrial management is the organizational process that includes strategic planning, setting, objectives, managing resources, deploying the human and financial assets needed to achieve objectives,and measuring results. PhD research programme will help to improve the abilities to understand and solve problems, increase confidence, make a better communicator and gain knowledge that may lead to abetter future, even in many fields apart from academics. Management also includes recording and storing facts and information for later use or for others within the organization. The concept of management planning involves direction, planning, adjustment, control, and cooperation. This enables the programme to meet its broader objectives to touch every aspect of global industrial arena.There are many organizations and industries that are direct contributors of the industry and hence in the long run create better job opportunities to those who would want to be a part of the industry.

The aim of the programme of PhD in Industrial Management is to produce professionals who are:

  • Knowledgeable to apply management skills to handle the practical issues and opportunities in the industrial management sector.

  • Capable of adopting methodical, accurate and ethical social responsibility with proper value, attitudes and professionalism

  • Able to solve problems as leaders by using technical skills with appropriate communication skills within a team

  • Proficient of having lifelong learning skills related to present industrial organization along information management by pursuing advanced educational opportunities.

After the completion of the course one learns to identify knowledge about different industrial strategies to plan a research project. One builds appropriate practical skills to integrate concepts from various disciplines to develop industrial management strategies. Apart from that there is the scope of displaying responsibilities by analysis of social applications and outcomes of industrial management concepts and performing research and development in the field of industrial management by strictly following values, attitudes and professional regulations. A professional can demonstrate management and leadership skills to function efficiently individually or in team with good communication skills. This programme learns how to analyze relevant data and information to solve problems related to industrial management and to develop information management skills to augment lifelong learning in the industrial management area.
· Agricultural and engineering manager
· Cost Estimators
· Health and Safety Engineers
· Industrial Engineering Technicians
· Industrial Production Managers
· Logisticians
· Management Analysts
· Occupational Health and Safety Specialists and Technicians
· Quality Control Inspectors

Full Time : 36 - 72 Months
Part Time : 48 - 96 Months

Sl.No. MQA Subject Code Subject Name
1 PHDIM 101 Research Methodology
2 PHDIM 102 Computer Applications
3 PHDIM 103 Dissertation (Thesis work) Research work on any one of the following specialties
Human Resource Management
Marketing Management
International Business Management
Public Relations Management
Corporate Governance
Government & Business
Industrial Organization Regulation
Defense and Security management
Healthcare Management
Transportation Management and Logistics
Engineering Design Management and Advanced Manufacturing
Bioengineering Systems
Technological Change and Innovation
Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Industry
Finance and Accounting
Decision Theory and decision Analysis
Socioeconomic Management
Operational and Technology Management

Intake : Ongoing,Limited Seats Available. :

Entry Requirements :

  1. Master's Degree (Level 7, Malaysian Qualifications Framework) in Business or related field accepted by the Senate of Lincoln University College.
  2. Other qualifications recognized as equivalent by the Government of Malaysia.

International students must achieve a minimum score of 6.0 in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or equivalent.

For non-Malaysian citizens, please refer to the Malaysian Qualification Agency's (MQA) List of Overseas Qualifications & its equivalency with Malaysian Education System to see if you qualify for this course.

Duration : 36 Months.

University : Lincoln University College

Level : Ph.d.