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From The Desk Of Pro Chancellor

Lincoln University College (LUC) is a vibrant and diverse academic center focused on teaching and learning and helps to realize innovative knowledge. LUC brings together world-renowned faculty and students from all over the nation and the world. The dynamic culture and pioneering academic programs of Lincoln University College prepare the industrious students for the 21st century careers. The assurance of this university college to teach excellence improves the academic know-how of the students. Our alumni, faculty, students, and staff share a passion for this institution that is unparalleled. Intense participation in extra-curriculum promotes collaboration and solidarity. There is a unique level of personal interaction between the student and the Lecturer which facilitate the generation of novel awareness to seek new academic prospects, and to learn skills that can turn dreams into realities. At LUC, we set very high goals, and our activities have a worldwide impact.

Our programs, services, and quality-of-life facilities are intended to make best use of your potential and help to accomplish the aspirations of life. It is our hope that we can help to address the challenges faced by the students and provide them with possible strategies. In addition to the accessible coursework the faculty members aimed at preparing the students with scholarly foundation demanded by today's - and tomorrows - professional careers, including opportunities for cultural amelioration.

In Lincoln we counts more who graduated than who comes in. Our aim is to spread the system of education among each and every individual of the younger generation without any discrimination so as to make this world a better place to live in.

From The Desk Of Vice Chancellor

Dear Students,
First of all, I would like to wish all of you Happy Malaysia Day and happy holiday. Every year, on the 16th of September, this country celebrates the establishment of Malaysian federation which was held on the same date in 1963. In this memorable day, let us commemorate it by having greater determination, passion and enthusiasm in your studies.

Malaysia has a high level of education achievement which has made it one of the preferred destinations for both locals and foreigners to further their studies in tertiary level. You can reflect from this country’s cultural intermingling population by looking at the way they live together in harmony as a proud nation. As part of the Lincoln’s family, I can also see the same potential of the different races and nationality in this university as a proof that we can also achieve outstanding results in making Lincoln University College a proud institution in both curriculum and extracurricular performances.

Furthermore, I hope that every student can fulfill their responsibility and duties as the member of Lincoln University College by attending every class and completing the courses with splendid percentage of attendances. Take this opportunity to study harder in order to attain the best results in all of your examinations, assignments, quizzes and so on.

Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to all students for choosing Lincoln to further your studies. We will do our best to help the students by providing the education qualities and skills needed for you to turn into a competent and skilled graduate with excellent attitudes.

Thank you.