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Master in Nursing (Public Health)


Master of Nursing (Public Health) KPT/JPS(PA 11329) 05/25

Delivery Mode : ODL

Our program, Master of Nursing (Public Health) is designed for nurses interested in disease-prevention and community and population health. The program offers population-based care that is deferential of human dignity and patient sovereignty. Students are prepared to promote for ethical and just health care policies and promote public health and wellness in endeavors to reduce health disparities and enhance the quality of life for diverse communities and populations. The program is offered in Open and Distance Learning Mode (ODL).

This program prepares the candidates to assume leadership roles in assessing communities and populations; identifying high-risk groups; and developing culturally sensitive, acceptable, and realistic population-based nursing interventions.

Professionals of Master of Nursing (Public Health) can work as a:
• Public Health Nurse
• Public Health Educator
• Disaster Specialist
• Health Services Research Analyst
• Healthcare Administrator

Duration : 24 - 72 Months

Sl.No. MQA Subject Code Subject Name Credits
1 MNR 7014 Research Methodology (Quantitative and Qualitative) 4
2 MNN 7013 Philosophies and Theories in Nursing 3
3 MNN7023 Healthcare Policies 3
4 MNR 7023 Statistics and Statistical Computing for Nurses 3
5 MNN 7033 Issues and Trends in Public Health Nursing 3
6 MNPH 7013 Primary Health Care 3
7 MNR 7033 Research Project I: Proposal 3
8 MNB 7013 Leadership and Management 3
9 MNPH 7023 Family Health Care 3
10 MNR 7056 Research Project II: Project Paper 6
11 MNPH 7026 Practicum in Nursing 6

Intake :

  1. January
  2. May
  3. September

Entry Requirements :

  1. Degree in Nursing or Nursing related degree with minimum CGPA of 2.75 or its equivalent is accepted by the Higher Educational Provider (HEP) senate; or
  2. Bachelor’s degree in Nursing or nursing related not meeting CGPA of 2.75 but above CGPA of 2.5 can be accepted subject to rigorous internal assessment and
  3. Registered with Nursing Board or its equivalent.
  4. Possess current Annual Practicing Certificate; and
  5. Minimum 3 years working experience for Bachelor’s degree holders; and
  6. Advanced Diploma/ Certificate/ Post Basic in Public Health
  7. Health status:
    1. Students must be certified medically fit by a registered medical practitioner recognized by the recruiting institution
    2. Students with the following medical conditions, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B or C, any mental health disorders, Epilepsy, and other chronic diseases cannot be admitted into the programme.
    3. Students must not have any physical or impaired senses that hinder nursing dexterity.
  8. Pass LUC Entry English Placement test; or
  9. Proficiency in Bahasa lnggeris (English Language) of its equivalent.
  10. Foreign candidate must obtain:
    1. Temporary Practicing Certificate (TPC) for clinical programme; and
    2. Pass international English Language Testing Services (IELTS) with a minimum 6.0 & above or;
    3. Test of English as a foreign language (TOEFL) with a minimum of 600.

Duration : 24 Months

University : Lincoln University College

Level : Master