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Doctor of Business Administration KPT/JPS(PA 10531)11/23

The world of business and management is going through rapid and profound changes;therefore new theories need to be created and novel strategies, as well as practices, needs to be implemented. Institutional leaders, policy makers, and administrators are confronted with novel situations in their respected professional field and indeed this has precipitated the need for new knowledge to be quickly translated into practice, which can be achieved with the help of advanced research activity. It is in this context that Lincoln University College introduced its innovative Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program - with its other post-graduate management education programmes. The DBA exposes candidates to critical management issues and relevant theories; ensures that students acquire a thorough understanding of all the aspects related to this programme and requires them to demonstrate a post-MBA level of conceptual understanding. It has been designed to develop, their ability to, source, analyze, interpret,explain and link data, communicate research effectively as well as expeditiously and translate concepts into practice. For successful completion of PhD degree in LUC, each candidate should publish minimum of Four research articles in Scopus indexed journals, with Lincoln affiliation.

DBA focuses on the development of the thinking capability of the students and also prepares the students for leadership roles, such as, administrators or business professionals, who will facilitate the development of business organizations and also work towards the enhancement of global business.

DBA promotes applied research relevant to industries and business organizations.

DBA addresses the global business challenges of the 21st century. This program of study is thus intended for individuals, who are willing to confront the challenges and make a significant contribution as far as global business is concerned.

Job Opportunities for graduates of Doctor of Business Administration degree program:

CEO of A Corporation or Business Owner

Doctor of Business Administration degree program is based on the practical application of business theories, economics and statistics. Therefore, students acquire important skills and knowledge, which will help them to administer the affairs of their own organization, in the future

Senior Level Management Positions

Students ith Doctor of Business Administration degree may acquire jobs in senior level management positions within a company or an organization. With the help of decision making skills and analytical skills as well as with the application of different economic theories to resolve complex decisions, students will be able to prove their competency. Senior level management positions in the technology and administrative departments may also appeal to the degree holders of this program.

Business Consultant

The business leaders and managers are required to resolve complex problems to facilitate smooth business operations within an organization. The students of Doctor of Business Administration degree program are provided adequate training regarding this aspect. Therefore students upon the completion of this program can opt for a consulting career. Business consultants may also work for a firm or offer their services as an independent contractor to work exclusively for a corporation or business organizations or help organizations to organize departments and resolve problems.

The Doctor of Business Administration degree program is a research-based degree program designed for today's business leaders. The structured program may include scholarly activities so that our graduates can apply their knowledge and skills to solve problems in today's dynamic and ever-changing business environment.

Full Time Duration : 36 Months
Part Time Duration : 72 Months.

Sl.No. MQA Subject Code Subject Name
1 DBA 7013 Research Design
2 DBA 7024 Organizational Behaviour
3 DBA 7034 Marketing Philosophy and Strategy
4 DBA 7043 Research methodology
5 DBA 7054 Research Analysis Techniques
6 DBA 7064 Current Issues in Economics
7 DBA 7073 Entrepreneurship management
8 DBA 7084 Global Enterprise and Leadership
9 DBA 7093 Recent trends in Financial Decision Making
10 DBA 7148 Doctoral Dissertation

Intake : Ongoing, Limited Seats Available.

Entry Requirements :

  1. Master in Business Administration (MBA) (Level 7, MQF); or
  2. Other qualification that is equivalent to the above mentioned qualification.

Duration : 36 Months.

University : Lincoln University College

Level : Ph.D