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Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Technology (Honours) KPT/JPS(PA 5702)06/21

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Technology (Honours) programme is concerned with the design, construction, and operation of machines and plants that perform chemical reactions for improvement of the human condition. This program prepares students to rely on their knowledge of mathematics and science, particularly chemistry, by applying their engineering skill to overcome technical problems safely and economically. The programme is supplemented by several state-of-the-art laboratories, which cover all areas of practical interest. A flexible electives program allows our students to specialize in areas such as Energy generation and utilization, Reaction Modelling and Control, Oil & Gas Processing, Sustainability Health and Safety, Thermodynamics in Chemical Engineering. The department is backed by highly qualified and experienced faculty. The students will be encouraged to participate in workshops, seminars, and conferences as well as to publish in refereed journals. The programme is focused on delivering chemical engineering expertise with a clear focus on the needs of industry and producing graduates who are able to design, operate and manage plants in the process industries and who can provide leadership in innovation, research and technology transfer.

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Technology (Honours) programme equipped students with advanced technical skills in Chemical Engineering that will enable them to translate fundamental discoveries in life sciences, materials and other high technology areas to commercial exploitation. The primary aim of the programme is to

• Present students with the technical and scientific knowledge associated with Chemical Engineer.

• Provide a specialized hands-on skill which enables students to undertake a wide range of technical careers across the sector.

• Review the knowledge and application of chemical engineering technology relevant to present global scenario

• Refine the development of personal qualities and professional competencies required to progress to evaluation as a Chemical Engineer.

• Implement the knowledge and skills of chemical engineering with an understanding of realistic constraints for the overall benefit of the society.

The main graduate destination of Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Technology (Honours) is the engineering industry. It is expected that graduates will find employment ranging from research and development, through the design, commissioning and management of plant, to product marketing and technical services. A chemical engineer can find a niche in any scientific or engineering field. Chemical engineers have helped develop atomic science, polymers, paper, dyes, drugs, plastics, fertilizers, foods, petrochemicals. The field is incredibly diverse and dynamic, opening up the potential for a wide variety of careers, including the following:

.Analytical chemist.
.Energy manager.
. Process engineer.
. Materials engineer.
. Production manager.
. Biochemical engineer.
. Petrochemical engineer.
. Quality manager.
. Occupational Health and Safety Specialists

Full Time : 48 Months.
Part Time : 72 Months.

Sl.No. MQA Subject Code Subject Name Credits
1 BEE 1113 Engineering Mathematics 1 3
2 BEE 1123 Electronics and Circuit Theory 3
3 BCE 1134 Chemical Process Industries 4
4 BEL 1003 English 1 3
Elective (Choose any one module from the following)
5 MPU 3113 Islamic Civilization and Asian Civilization 3
6 MPU 3163 Malay Communication 3 3
7 BEL 2003 English 2 3
8 BEE 1223 Petrochemical Technology 3
9 BCE 1224 Engineering Mathematics 2 3
10 BEE 1223 Chemical Thermodynamics & Introductory Chemical Kinetics 4
Elective (Choose any one module from the following)
11 MPU 3123 Ethnic Relations 3
12 MPU 3173 Malaysian Studies 3 3
13 BCE 1314 Process Engineering A 4
14 BEE 1323 Basic Computer Programming 3
15 MPU 3232 Leadership Skills and Human Relations 2
16 BCE 2414 Process Design A 4
17 BCE 2424 Process Engineering B 4
18 BEE 2133 Probability and Statistics 3
19 BEE 4153 Artificial Intelligence 3
20 BCE 2514 Chemistry of Materials for Chemical Engineers 4
21 BCE 2524 Process Engineering C 4
22 BEE 4213 Entrepreneurship Development 3
23 BEL 3003 Public Speaking 3
24 MPU 3342 Malaysian Government and Public Policy 2
25 BCE 2623 Process Modelling Control 3
26 MPU 3452 Community Service 2
27 BCE 3714 Process Design B 4
28 BCE 3724 Separation Processes A 4
29 BEE 3143 Safety and Health for Engineers 3
30 BCE 3743 Chemical Technology 3
31 BCE 3818 Research Project 8
Elective (Choose any three modules from the following)
32 BCE 3824 Energy Generation and Utilization 4
33 BCE 3834 Reaction, Modelling and Control 4
34 BCE 3844 Oil & Gas Processing 4
35 BCE 3854 Sustainability, Health and Safety 4
36 BCE 3864 Thermodynamics in Chemical Engineering 4
37 BCE 3914 Design Project A 4
38 BEE 2143 Microprocessor 3
39 BCE 4114 Unit Operations A 4
40 BCE 41024 Design Project B 4
41 BCE 41034 Separation Processes B 4
42 BCE 41044 Chemical Reaction Engineering 4
43 BCE 41118 Industrial Training 12

Intake :

  1. January
  2. May
  3. September

Entry Requirements :

  1. Passed the Malaysian High School Certificate (STPM) with at least a grade C (NGMP 2.0) in Mathematics and related Science subjects and passed the Malaysian Examinations Certificate (SPM) including English subjects; or
  2. Passed the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) with at least B grade in 5 subjects including Mathematics and related Science subjects and pass English subjects; or
  3. Passed Matriculation / Foundation / Foundation from any Higher Education Provider who can offer foundation program with CGPA 2.00; or
  4. Diploma in Engineering / Engineering Technology (Level 4 MOH) with at least CGPA 2.00; or
  5. Other recognized qualifications are equivalent to it by the Government of Malaysia

Malaysian University English Test (MUET) Band 2.

For international students: TOEFL 500 score or IELTS score 5.5 or equivalent.

Duration : 48 Months.

University : Lincoln University College

Level : Bachelor