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Master of Business Administration in Health Care Management


Master of Business Administration in Health Care Management KPT/JPS(PA 6197)06/22

The MBA in Health Care Management provides students with the most relevant business skills to be effective and efficient decision makers who will improve the quality and access to health care at appropriate cost. The programme has a business management orientation, drawing on a broad base of management theory and examples to explain and analyze the healthcare sector. It is designed to provide with the concepts, models, techniques and examples, which will enable the students to improve the provision of care to patients. It is based on specially-designed modules that will provide a grounding in the basic management disciplines, followed by specialist modules in particular aspects of health care management. Our programme is unique in providing the opportunity to work with, and learn from, other students with first-hand experience of health care systems from around the world.

For successful completion of Masters degree in LUC, each candidate should publish minimum of Two research articles in scopus indexed journals, with Lincoln affiliation.

The concentration focuses on filling needs for clinical leadership, innovative approaches to industry challenges, health analytics and health informatics. The primary aim of the programme is-

  • To provide the students with knowledge based on scientific principles, for leading the health sector taking into account different aspect of healthcare management.

  • To develop deeper understanding of multi disciplinary and multi dimensional nature of health management along with providing basic insight into practical application.

  • To develop professional skills in health care services through the growth of appropriate ability at the proper level to facilitate further research or study in the relevant field.

  • To provide scientific management approach and adequate managerial tools and improve managerial skills.

After completion of this course the students will develop skills in business fundamentals with main focus on health care management. The graduates would be qualified to find work in middle and senior management positions in various hospitals and health care organizations, and be involved in the analysis of various activities in the organizations. A degree in healthcare management enables professionals to thrive in this growing market and to take advantage of numerous job openings. Healthcare facilities recognize the need for skilled workers to fill management and planning roles. The students of this stream will enjoy high salaries, attractive benefits and international mobility related with healthcare sectors.

They can find jobs in
· Nursing homes
· Hospitals
· Large medical related corporations
· Outpatient surgical centres
· Eye surgery centres
· Pharmaceutical establishments
· Insurance companies
· Specialized technical groups
· Drug companies and corporations

Full Time : 18 Months.
Part Time : 36 Months.

Sl.No. MQA Subject Code Subject Name Credits
1 HCM1113 Health Care Finance and Accounting 3
2 HCM1123 Health Care Economics 3
3 ORG501 Human Resource Management 3
4 HCM1143 Hospital Architecture, Planning, design and Maintenance 3
5 HCM1213 Ethics in Health Care 3
6 MKT501 Marketing Management 3
7 HCM1233 Management of Health Care Services 3
8 HCM1243 Hospital Information Systems 3
9 HCM 1313 Research Methodology 3
10 HCM 1323 Essential Elements of Health Care Management 3
11 HCM 1333 Health Care Operations Management 3
Elective (Choose any one module from the following):
12 HCM 1343 Hospital & Health Care System (History & Evolution) 3
13 HCM 1353 Hospital Support Services 3
14 HCM 1363 Hospital Management 3
15 HCM 2113 International Health Care Management 3
16 HCM 2123 Health Care Laws 3
17 HCM 2136 Project Report 6

Intake :

  1. January
  2. May
  3. September

Entry Requirements :

  1. A Bachelor's Degree (Level 6, MQF) with minimum CGPA of 2.50 or equivalent, as accepted by the Senate of Lincoln University College; OR
  2. A Bachelor's Degree (Level 6, MQF ) or equivalent not meeting CGPA of 2.50, can be accepted subject to a minimum of 5 years working experience in relevant field; OR
  3. Other qualifications recognized by Malaysian Government.

For non-Malaysian citizens, please refer to the Malaysian Qualification Agency's (MQA) List of Overseas Qualifications & its equivalency with Malaysian Education System to see if you qualify for this course.

Duration : 18 Months.

University : Lincoln University College

Level : Master